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Return of the Monster: The Ames Lickety Splitter

If you hang around Internet discussion boards concerned with forestry tools or wood heat, you’ll eventually hear about a splitting tool called the Monster Maul. It was manufactured by the now-defunct Sotz Corporation, and is no longer available. Veteran wood splitters who recall the Monster Maul speak of it today with the kind of misty-eyed reverence usually reserved for childhood sports heroes. This Joe Louis of splitting mauls was rugged. The Monster Maul featured a twelve- or sixteen-pound triangular head nearly twice as wide as a typical maul head, and there was an even heavier version for modern-day Paul Bunyans. No handsome hickory or fancy fiberglass handles here—the massive head of the Monster Maul was simply welded to a 32-inch piece of steel pipe. The only concession to comfort was a thin sleeve of foam rubber pulled over the lower third of the handle as a grip. The Monster Maul was overkill for most home firewood splitting, but was completely in its element with the toughest splitting jobs—gnarled sugar maple, knotted beech, hophornbeam, American elm.

The smart folks at Ames True Temper® know a legend in the making when they see one, and offer a near-perfect twin of the fabled Monster Maul. The Lickety Splitter, Model 1131500, is a twelve-pound splitting maul featuring the same wide, triangular head, 32-inch steel handle, and even the bright red paint job of the Monster Maul. A search for retailers online pulled up prices from $35 to over $90, so shop around. You can find the Lickety Splitter on the Ames Web site. The site has a convenient store finder.


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